Aquele Peso Em Mim

by Sidecar Rider

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Sidecar Rider were:

Alan Leblanc
Pedro Aronchi Neto
Murray Fergusson
Sean Mugan

Alan plays - Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Cavaquinho, Ukulele
Pedro plays - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bouzouki, Bass
Murray plays - Violin, Multi-Tracked Strings, Piano, Keyboards
Sean plays - Acoustic Guitar, Percussion and Vocals

Produced by Sean Mugan


released April 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Sean Mugan Saint Catharines, Ontario


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Track Name: Enough is Enough
Cupid’s bound the win the primaries at this fall’s election
No rival candidate can hope to challenge her, or get ahead
Sure as the rising sun, which damn well came up again
Indeed they’ll pay for it, a debt that’ll never be squared

Gone all the unicorns that terrorized our nights
Scared the children, made them all cry
Don’t stand there unless you got something to say
Don’t root for trouble again
Pull your head up out of the sand

As years and years pile on the sacred gets a little profane
Like a fallen angel drinking all alone at the bar
in my hat there is rabbit’s weight in faith,
I cannot say if today’s gonna be my day

With its stealth the rough beast crouches in a pile of leaves
We wrote our poem in the sand
And soon became the sand we wrote in
While the bell kindly tolled enough is enough
Track Name: The Likes of You and I
Right after the tournament, she said
‘Nothing goes away
And after all is said and done
We’ll still have one last night
To hold each other tight
And look for mercy from the sky
Look for mercy in the night’

`Given to the rise in Christian sacrifice
And the low low price of lion prides
It can only mean one thing
To the likes of we who were born in the wrong time’

‘Look into my eyes’ she cried and I cried
‘nothing to be done’
and so we sank into the earth with sun

‘Given to the size of my heart in your eyes
And the encroaching steps of soldier strides
I’ve become calmly resigned
To the fate of the likes of you and I’
Track Name: Plate Smashing
When I was in my mother’s womb there was barely time for sleep
The thuds, the blur, vibrating through the muffled floating pink
The shouts, the riles, the ceiling tiles, the bleating of the sheep
The Turks, the Moors, the wandering hoards, drinking my father’s mead

When I was a young man I would float in the Dead Sea
Ears beneath the surface are deaf to endless pleas
To ride at night between the humps away from the shining star
The cold night winds of Babylon, no place was too far

When my chin was full with beard, my words clear, deep and sure
Resigned to ride back to the place where all the fuss was born
To walk across the silent sea and open up the eyes
Of all the men who’d follow me within inches of their lives
Track Name: Greasy Spooners and Midnight Crooners
Given to werewolf fang and tonic water and loose leaf slang
Given to greasy spooners and midnight crooners
Given to stop watchers and catalogue collectors
Given to tarantulae.... that just might bite
Like an ocean that swallows up the shore in the night

Given the sheer size and the prizes divvied up right
It’s a hell of thing to miss out on the call
When the birds is chirping and the bells are ringing
It’s the only thing left from the fall

Given to district lines and one thousand and one nights
Given to Wembley sized gaps between my neighbour and I
Given to math formulae...that just might bite
Like a notion that gobbles up the poor in their prime

Given to the real time and the sizes drawn right
It’s a hell of a way to wait out the time
When it feels like flying but it’s only falling
And the ground is rushing up from behind

Given to the histrionic brine that covers up crime
Given to holy wars and liquid paper stroked over endless scores
Given to stocks and bonds and everything gone
Given the blocks and stocks that just might bite
Like a sofa cushion that swallows up my soul in the night

Given the queer sense that everything has been said
It’s a wonder how we ever got it right
When it works on feeling but it feels like working
We gotta blow it up and head back home
Track Name: Passport Pages
Little by little the past is gonna get em
Gonna riddle their mind, ravish their bones
Get em by the lovin, eleven in the dozen
Till there aint nothing left but a rib cage home

Goodbye times of so long days
Gonna weave myself a tapestry
Keep my mind deep in a haze
Of northern lights and memory

Line by line the tree rings chime
Till the man comes without no eyes
Side by side, tide after tide
Salt sea sky, salt sea sky

Little by little the past is gonna em
Passport pages passport pages
Get em by the belly, pull em by their heavy
Salt sea sky, salt sea sky

Heaven knows I made the rounds
Passport pages passport pages
Pole atop to pole way down
Take a deep breath and drift around

Little by little the past is gonna get em
Gonna riddle their mind, ravish their bones
Get em by their lovin, eleven in the dozen
Till there aint nothing left but a rib cage home

Little by little the past is gonna em
passport pages passport pages
get em by the belly, pull em by their heavy
salt sea sky, salt sea sky
Track Name: Forty Watt Light Bulb
Wrap your head around the firmament
Keep in mind the case that
Once in a long long while it is permanent
So reap the vines and we drink to
Your wife, your life, your health and the daily bread
To get this weight in me, my heart
Off my chest and through my new t-shirt
It won’t be long till Wembley stadium

Ride into the night little bumble bee
Your prehistoric flight has to be
Set in stone in your little wings your little feet
You’ll find your way home without the need
For radar screens to glean the way forward
Stick to your heart, this is all in your head

The light around these parts really gets to me
Round late 6 o’clock in the month of
February nights of freeze on the marginal
The summer sights, the breeze
It’s just enough to suck the air right out
From within the vacuum of a forty watt light bulb