by Sean Mugan

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This is the 13th album I've made. It follows up some of the issues from the last one, "Leaves From Trees I Can`t Recall." It comes after the longest haitus I have had in the past 6 years or so. I wrote, played everything* and produced it. Download and enjoy.

*Alan Leblanc begrudingly played his original composition "The Impossibility of Floating off into Space" on an out of tune electric in a crappy studio. It sounds ok to me though. He also drew the cover image. See all my other albums for more collaborations with Mr. Leblanc.


released January 13, 2015



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Sean Mugan Saint Catharines, Ontario

Email: spmugan@gmail.com

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Track Name: Flounder Fed
Getting better with the sun facing southern
I’ve aligned my position again
But she’s there like a star supernova
And I’m blinded from where I began

But here I am,
Flounder fed within the group dynamic where I find my inevitable end

Under the weather but my soul seeks better
Like a new tune for me and you
And it begins

Getting better with the one thing missing I’m alive with the vision again
And you’re there like a one tonne mega-bomb lighting up the way to my end
And there I am
Track Name: Pedals on a Wet Black Bough
Blue haired, jeans flared and askew
Laced-up boots make me love you
Pig-tailed, a fugue for the ages
Sundress that writes all the pages

Wide-eyed I follow behind you
In time with hips that are fine-tuned
Fat chance is odds I can warm to
Slim hands and cold shoulder tattoo

Long neck, a swan song to flatter
Small bones that home anti-matter
Immune, she glides through the ages
In time with my heart that races

Haiku she floats through the station
Eyes closed in deep meditation
My love, my love in vague dream
We’ve never been so we always will be
Track Name: The Impossibility of Floating off into Space
Near and far, near and far, it takes you away, and there you are
Go by foot, go by car, look up and brave the signs in the stars
And know you know that directional pull
Can`t hold you down or keep you from the world

I could never be anything at the root other than me and you
And the axle holds us in place we’ll never float off into space
Till trees turn into ash and the ash takes shape
Till the shapes explode in a flash and the flash is everything
Track Name: Creta Kano
I woke up this morning to a body in my bed
With back and hips like dunes of sand
Underneath the loose-leaf sheets, lines crisscrossed
the desert like a stark bikini tan

The folded hands beneath her cheek
Held her neck and shoulder firm
Against the rise and fall encaged
In ribs that surged and ebbed from curves

The neat triangle held her fixed
Within the soft coordinates
That plotted out her thighs and knees
Into the depths of my bed sheets

But when I closed the book to sleep
The sheets that held the figure eight
Sunk into a prairie land
Flat and dry devoid of weight
Track Name: Libertine
I wanna live a life of devotion
every second of every prodigal day
High times that damage some major organs
Play like my time is retrograde

Don’t care if the palsy takes me as an old man
Fast time slow mind suits me just fine
Each night a gamble I take my spendthrift chance
Embrace the title of libertine
Track Name: Piles of Days
In a pile of leaves that fell from trees
We congregate with hands on rakes
And re-collect the consequence
of time and space upon our fates

With childish heart and grown-up hand
We circle round the autumn ground
From green to brown from green to brown
From veins that pump to dust that clumps

And all the days that led to now
Are piled upon what came and gone
What eyes shone bright what hands held tight
In piles of days, in piles of days