Windsor Salt

by Sean Mugan and Alan Leblanc

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All songs written by Sean Mugan and Alan Leblanc (except "Not for All all the Wind and Wheat," written by Pedro Aronchi and Sean Mugan)

Alan Leblanc: acoustic guitar
Pedro Aronchi: electric, acoustic, bass and lap steel on some tracks
Diego Silva: keyboard on "Gitchee Gummee," "Superfly" and "October 1970"
Bruno Lanfranci: bass on some tracks
Sean Mugan: words and vocals, bass, guitars, percussion, mandolin, lots of other stuff

Produced by Sean Mugan


released February 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Sean Mugan Saint Catharines, Ontario


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Track Name: The Bruce Trail
When I was young and in love
Inside the lion`s head
Sublime thoughts of pioneers
Little to be said
Perched upon the rocky shore
The Bruce Trail towers high
No use no more for gravity
In bounds and leaps I stride

When I was old and resolved
Came I across that place
Where the pine needles weave a bed
Upon the earth that floats in space

And now my heart she ticks so slow
Across the shield into the pines
A white birth church I kneel inside
And await the end of time
Track Name: Superfly
When the caribou cross the plains at night, it’s superfly
When the aurora boreal forest blazes high
There’ll be talk of the crisis on the evening news

You’re all gonna get it, racing up, forget that you`re falling
And fly fly fly superfly

When the light footed croon under the moon in the northern sky
When the heavy heart loons whistle their tunes, it’s superfly
There’ll be talk on the CBC, the world’s gone mad, it’s you or me

When the swallows explode in spirals wide, it’s superfly
When a diamond oar cuts though the shoreline
There’ll be someone to film it all, and post it on the wall
Track Name: October 1970
In the Springtime of 1963
The sparks ignite we watched it on TV
The Anglophones discussed it over tea
The French miners cried civil liberty
I pinned a baseball card to the spokes of my teens
While white mailboxes blew to smitherines

And the rain falls down in the spring time to wash away the cold

In the summer of 1965
We pitched a tent and sleep out for the first time
The stock exchange exploded in the night
With claims to infiltrate every walk of life

The leaves fall down in the autumn
A bed for the snow

In October of 1970
We watched the news to hear Pierre Trudeau
500 hundred men were taken to the hold
I walked you home as it started to get cold

The snow falls down in the new year
a country growing up
Track Name: Talbotville
In a field off the 402
It doesn’t go around, it goes right through.
There’s a fence you can sit upon
In the summer with the setting sun
When the tilt of the earth is right
You can pull her in and hold her tight

In a town on the Talbot Trail
Quick stop along the CN rail
There’s a girl there was a friend of mine
If you see her there can you please remind her
Tell her she’s kept deep within
Near the place where I begin
And where I intend to end
pine needles play my requiem

Woodpeckers on the percussion
Grass-hoppers in the rhythm section
Loons that croon the melody
The wind winds through the tall pine trees
Track Name: Windsor Salt
Deep down in the south
Where Detroit town rivers out
The skyline, the collar blue
The factories and the Spitfires too
Weaned into a world of mullet heads and hair-sprayed girls
Deep down I try to fight
the xenophobes and the small time plight

Summer of a thousand leagues
adolescent softball evenings
The air now filled with the cry
Of my own son along the river side drive
The wild world shrunk to a ball
Kicked around in the rustle of the fall
Reared up in the Glade
like I’d been spit here instead of made
Know inside it’s not my fault
to pepper the earth in Windsor salt
Track Name: Susanna Moodie
I’m not gonna lose my head
Bite my nails, pull my hair, go red
There’s plenty of birds in the sky
Fish in the creek, bees in the hive
I’ve been wondering how I’m gonna survive
Drink up the great lakes smoke the prairies wide

But I’m leaving you this time

I’m gonna run till I go blind
Legs on fire till you’re out of my mind
I’m gonna get myself Rocky Mountain high
Wrap the shield around my thin shoulders and fly
Enlist for a fishing boat in the arctic night
Pierce the ice with my will to survive
Grow my hair long and tattoo my entire left side
Places where I don’t usually hide

But I’m leaving you this time
Track Name: Not For All the Wind and Wheat
I’ve been watered down and you’ve been overdosed
I’ve been far too far from home and you’ve been far too close
I know that our circle shares a radius though we’re diametrically opposed
I know that I’m steeped in jargon
And that you’re hip to the jive
I like to converse about Larkin
You enjoy giving high fives
I know we’ll never share a Sunday morning
Reading the news tribune
But that we are entwined in an intangible cocoon

I know that nothing lasts forever, that even time can bend
And if we should ever cease to be lovers, god for sake if we should ever become friends

You’ve always been good with relations, I am a buffoon
I like to track the constellations, you’re happy with the moon
But we can share the space without colliding like James and Molly Bloom
Not for all the wind and wheat that’s in Regina
Would I refuse to be your groom
Track Name: Gitchee Gumee
Shine a light on my socks and feet, the mud soaked through, my rubber soul’s free
Ride a bike with the caribou my checklist full I’m off to build an igloo
It takes a fairly stern mind to keep in line in these serpentine times
Negotiate the terms of a single day and try to get away in the evenings

Nine times out of ten you can fix the mess with a fresh WD40 can
I once broke my heart and fixed her up with some industrial strength glue
And then I drove my car from the Gaspe to the big lake they call Gitchee Gumee
Negotiate the turns of a single day and try to stay awake in the evenings
Track Name: Singularity
I can only tell what I have seen
There is no pretense of rehearsing
The sky it breathes over esker lakes
While dinosaur mosquito’s bite off our legs

And legless now we twitch and squirm
from computer chip to primordial worm
I’ve been here before, it’s familiar
These distractions are always similar

I can’t tell you where I’ve been
In the clear cut night, the North Star strong and bright
I can only tell what I have seen
But it seems too dense for re-dispersing
Seems too dense, seems too dense
It’s gonna end up exploding