Werner Herzog Ate My Shoe

by Sean Mugan

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This CD was inspired by my recent obsession with the films of Herzog. I began a systematic study of them, trying to watch all 60 or so. His films and Herzog himself as an individual began to stand out for me as something very important. Whether it has to do with impossible dreams, bravery, vision, creativity, endurance, survival, determination, madness… I am not sure. I feel like I endure into the night trying to record my little songs after I have worked all day and tucked my children into their beds. There is something satisfying about spending many hours of your life, sacrificing sleep, health and personal relationships in order to keep driving towards creation. It does not matter that only a handful of people will ever listen to my songs, I continue on my conquest of the useless.


released May 30, 2011



all rights reserved


Sean Mugan Saint Catharines, Ontario

Email: spmugan@gmail.com

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Track Name: Canopy
The canopy is hard to call your own
From hut to hearth, from hill to home,
Spiders try to settle in
Weaving webs of porcelain

The only view through the trees
The canopy

And I know when to say when
we’ve just begun, we just began

The skin can be hard to call a home
From brow to toe, from blood to bone
Track Name: Signs of Life
Be calm… be calm…
Because you’re all right

Because you’re all right
Hypnotizing chickens well into the night
Guarding the munitions and your willingness to fight

Take off your shoes and dance on my feet
Take a seat on the chair that’s not there
Catch a beetle with a strand of your hair
Walking along the stony shore, with a bottle and soldier’s uniform

The knife won’t fall from my hand
I can show the pigeons fear with a handful of sand
The well that drips through the night
And the crickets with their relentless cries
A crown on the hill made of stone, makes me feel all alone

Toothless child with big ears grins at me and the open sea
The man who plays Chopin from the empty room
spits up blood as he heralds impending doom

The burnt out chair, the deaf fisherman
As they drag away the dead mule again
Charging at the windmills all day
The dusty road will lead us away
Track Name: Klaus
In a party of one
Yer the one
When you’re the only one at the benefactory celebration
You know you are the one
When you hold up that flag
With the one colour that only you understand
Then you know you’re the one
Yer the one
You’re the star of your dreams
And you’ll play anything
At least that’s how it used to seem
When the shoes on your feet
Attract the envy
of all those around you
you know you’re the one
Yer the one
Yer the one
Stuffed into your three piece suit
Yer the one
“Congratulations to everyone
Under me
I found my way to the top and
I’m glad you could stay
By my side,”
“I’m not gonna leave you
Why do you say these things”
“Because they mean a lot to me
I’m the one”
Track Name: Marc Antony
Marc Antony
Showed me his rooster today
And how proud was he
That five hens a night
He’d go see
So his breakfast tray
Will always display
An omelette of majestic size and shape
Track Name: Invincible
Been having crazy dreams like you wouldn’t believe
There’s been
Wind blowing up from the edge of my sleeve
down the other sleeve
Like you wouldn’t believe

Been walking the streets like you can’t conceive
Blinders on my face and nobody around me
Like you couldn’t believe
Like you wouldn’t conceive

Been subjected to the photomatic
Been preserved in groups of four
Been afflicted by the young and gifted
I’m still here and I want more
And I drive my car around the place
where else can I try to replace
and still I wonder where else I’ll find myself amidst the why and when
the why and the everything
Track Name: Urucu Seed
There’s a hole in the football, Werner, call in the girls
Even the priest believes in redemption for the world
Head down to the boathouse, we’ve got time for a whirl
And then one again later if those motors start to turn

Pick a day and I’ll take you up when the weather’s clear
If you squint just a little bit you can see Portugal from here
How long till we leave the port, talking days or years?
Give me some statistics to subside my fears

And the birds and the bees and the flowers and trees say Om
the snake in the grass and the ticks on my dog say Om
the moth in the web and the leeches on my leg say om

When the white balloon flies atop the breakfast hens
Zoom in on the children with your telephoto lens
Flat heads and pot bellied, there beneath the canopy
Shoot them with a slower speed, the redness of uruqu seed